An Philip Morris Co company Philip Morris USA plans to begin sales in the holiday season of new Marlboro Cigarettes.

The new version, called the Marlboro Special Blend will be sold only packages in supermarkets from 19 November to the end of the year. Prazdnichoe proposal zateyannoe company for the first time, is aimed at "creating disturbances in the market among the loyal Marlboro Cigarettes smokers, as well as" konkurentososobnyh "smokers" - said Billy Ebshou, media manager of Philip Morris.
Advertising support new varieties of cigarettes is not available, although the company is going to distribute them and direct postal delivery, through the trade press and promotion in the field of sales. Mr. Ebshou said that the Philip Morris company has no plans to sell the new cigarettes in periods other than the November-December. Marlboro Cigarettes - the best in the country for sales. Last year, they held 37.7% market share, alleged the tobacco industry in the research journal The Maxwell Report.
"They worked on a consistent line of brand extension" - said Marc Cohen, Goldman Sachs analyst company. Last year the company produced cigarettes Philip Morris Marlboro Milds, something in between Marlboro Menthols and Marlboro Light Menthols. Although Mr. Cohen is not familiar with the taste of Marlboro Special Blend, he said that "not a bad idea. This is one way of adding something special."
New cigarette Marlboro Special Blends made of different from the normally used for Marlboro Cigarettes blends will be sold as usual, and in lightweight versions in a totally black package. Packing conventional cigarettes taste will profigachena krasnenkimi same red letters and "M" and the triangle in the center, and a leaner version of the "M" and the triangle in the center will be gold, "- said Mr. Ebshou.

Marlboro Cowboy sewing pants

Following the spirits manufacturers began to use substitutes advertising and tobacco company. Recently launched the advertising campaign Marlboro Classics clothing store owned by the Italian Marzotto. As it became known "Bus" campaign initiated corporation Philip Morris (PM), a manufacturer of the same cigarette. Experts believe that the tobacco giant testing a replacement advertising restrictions in anticipation of the legislative move cigarettes.

Marlboro Classics Shop opened in Russia in 1996, in 2002 - m, it was closed last fall opened again. Marlboro Classics advertising campaign launched this week, it includes advertising on billboards at bus stops in central Moscow, in particular, on Tverskaya Street. Advertise on one stop in the center of Moscow costs about $ 400 a month. Advertising, both inside and store attributes Marlboro Classics, performed in the style similar to the same cigarette brand.

Not long ago appealed to the representatives of the Swiss MTI PM office with a proposal to pay for the deployment of outdoor advertising shop in the centre of Moscow. "The basic right to use the brand Marlboro Cigarettes are owned by PM, so we are limited in advertising, in particular, we can not give advertising next to the shields of the tobacco company.

The Swiss headquarters PM in Switzerland confirmed that Marzotto uses trademark Marlboro Classics for a license, but argued that the PM "does not support commercial activities Italian company."

Market participants are convinced that cigarettes are associated with the Marlboro Cigarettes brand Marlboro Classics clothing. If you hold a focus group, the majority of those polled see an billboards advertising Marlboro Cigarettes. Worldwide Marlboro Classics has the image of expensive clothes for wealthy people, that is focused on the terms of consumer Marlboro Cigarettes. A similar incident - with the Davidoff cigarette brand, coupled with similar brands in coffee, alcoholic and cosmetic segments.

Market participants believe that the PM decided to use replacement advertising because of tobacco advertising restrictions forthcoming. The new law "On Advertising" and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control the World Health Organization could seriously reduce opportunities for promotion tabachnikov brands.

Besides, Marlboro Cigarettes brand is losing market share: "Therefore, they do not have time to wait restrictions." Dole brand in the segment more than $ 1 per pack of cigarettes in 2004 decreased from 18.1% to 16.6%.

Advertising agency said that advertising Marlboro Classics is not contrary to law. Since outdoor advertising of tobacco products has not yet been banned, no violations of law could not be here. Only the appearance of advertising on television Marlboro Classics, which banned tobacco promotion, will be able to draw the attention of the antitrust authorities. The campaign was well planned, because sanctions Federal Antimonopoly Service is much stronger against the operators of outdoor advertising: if improper material for placement officials fined only television, the "naruzhnikov" usually dismantle Shield.

If this campaign be made widely available, we pay attention to this.

Marlboro Cigarettes symbolizes Formula 1

Philip Morris repeatedly displays a limited release to the market cigarettes Marlboro PACK RACING in a bright red package.

This is another Marlboro Cigarettes brand advertising campaign, aimed at fans of Formula 1.

The fact is that the previous rounds in the previous season in F1 pack cigarette Marlboro PACK RACING enjoyed great success, it is in anticipation of the new season, Philip Morris did not miss the chance to increase sales of their products.

Packages of Marlboro Cigarettes standard size King Size 20s will be available in mid-May 2006.

Ferrari Marlboro will advertise

Despite the ban advertising of tobacco products in the Formula-1, which will become operational later this year, will sponsor Marlboro Ferrari team, said Grandprix.com. At the same time, Ferrari deal with the tobacco company Philip Morris would be quite legitimate.

Rather than placing Marlboro Cigarettes logos on the race car and the Ferrari team its pilots on clothes, Philip Morris would use the image of the racing cars in advertising their products. The company has already prepared a stack of special cigarette Marlboro Racing Edition with the image of a red Ferrari bolides.

Cooperation tobacco companies and Formula-1 teams started the year in the sixties. In 2001, cigarette manufacturers agreed to completely remove its advertising from the tournament before the end of 2006. Nevertheless, the agreement does not prohibit cooperation between the tobacco company and outside the team championship, which will take Ferrari and Philip Morris.

The company Philip Morris Seylz end Marketing "is a family of cigarettes" Marlboro "in advanced for the first time in 50 years of brand packaging

At versions taste Lights, Ultra lights and Menthol lights size Chevron became the same, embossed logo "Marlboro Cigarettes" has been voluminous, underscoring the traditionally high standard of quality writing marks on the top of the stack has become more colorful. On the side of a stack of a telephone hotline 88002005 105, breaking the tape became thinner image removed, the entire length of tape on special protective technology printed inscription Philip Morris International. Pack became more intense by increasing the thickness of cardboard, significant changes have touched and design blocks cigarettes.

As reported Sostav.ru, Russia has once again become one of the first countries where the company is engaged in similar improvements in the entire family of brands "Marlboro Cigarettes", because our market is very promising for the international tobacco holding company.

"Our global strategy is to consistently meet the expectations of adult smokers by offering innovative solutions, both for the product and for packaging. Within the framework of this strategy, we look for opportunities to bring new energy and creativity in cigarette packaging, and "Marlboro Cigarettes". We are confident that the introduction of these changes meet the expectations of Russian adult smokers who would like to see "Marlboro Cigarettes" modern and dynamic brand of cigarettes the highest quality. "

At the same time, the company hoped that the improvement of the quality of packaging will be well received by consumers of cigarettes adults in Russia.

In addition to the advertising campaign, the release of a market "Marlboro Cigarettes" in the enhanced package is accompanied by an information campaign for adult smokers of this brand - inside, they will find reams of information liners, telling us about the constant improvements and fundamental values of the brand - noted in Philip Morris Marketing Seylz end.

Cigarettes club for life. Philip Morris Marketing Seylz end "package for the image produced "Marlboro Cigarettes"

The company Philip Morris Seylz end Marketing "presented on the Russian market cigarettes" Marlboro Cigarettes, "called" Club Collection "Marlboro Cigarettes": "Full Flavor," "Lights" and "Ultra Lights."
Packing image portsigara is in the form of cigarettes, and was designed for smokers attending the best clubs, bars and restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

According Fredrika Shtalya, director of advertising company Philip Morris Seylz end Marketing, "a special edition to emphasize the modernity and dynamism of the brand new and stylish manner that is fully consistent with the culture of the club.
A new kind of "Marlboro Cigarettes" in harmony with the colorful atmosphere thanks to avant-garde nightclub color and geometric design solutions package.
As it became known Sostav.ru, in the past year has been such a collection went to Italy, Greece, Hungary, Poland, as well as distributed Duty Free shops largest airports in EU countries.
In Russia club cigarettes appear 1 2007 year limited edition, as Irina said Sostav.ru Bakhtina, manager of media relations for Philip Morris Marketing Seylz end, the image of tobacco will be made available only in selected stores and supermarkets have already worked with the name, for example, in chain stores "ABC taste."
Maximum retail price of cigarettes special series will not differ from the price of cigarettes core family "Marlboro Cigarettes".

Burger King seized Marlboro country

German Agency .start has created a series of prints advertising for Burger King food. The peculiarity of these prints is that they are very reminiscent advertising Marlboro Cigarettes. They even attend the traditional warning line.

"Visit the country Burger King"
"The Ministry of Health warns: Nose potatoes free Burger King zatavlyaet all around you feel hungry."
"The Ministry of Health warns: Visit Burger King may leave a visible trace"
"The Ministry of Health warns: Location beef can lead to pain urchaniyu"

Agency:. Start, Germany
Creative Director: Marco Mehrwald
Copywriter: Bernd Nagenrauft
Art Director: Gesine Schmidt
Photographer: Volker Dautzenberg, Manfred Kirchmayr

Philip Morris Izhora "begins production of cigarettes" Marlboro Filter Plus "for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Philip Morris International, to start issuing the "Marlboro Filter Plus" - cigarettes with reduced resin from the world famous brands "Marlboro Cigarettes" - for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. New product is a combination of carefully selected varieties of tobacco, filter creation of innovative technologies and truly unique design of the stack with a sliding lid.
It is a new level of emotion from smoking "Marlboro Filter Plus" technology provides saturation cigarettes taste by using filter four zones, one of which is unique to tobacco section directly inside the filter.

Cigarettes "Marlboro Filter Plus" for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan produced at the factory Russian Philip Morris Izhora "- the third volume of output among the world's production centres FMI. To this end, the factory was installed new equipment for the production of cigarettes and filters, requiring additional investment of $ 15.5 million dollars.
The new proposal marks of "Marlboro Cigarettes" positioned in the premium cigarette price ranges.

Marlboro Country will be smoke-free

The largest American tobacco company Philip Morris went to a risky step. Under the Marlboro Cigarettes brand, it will produce tobacco powder (the so-called Swedish).

Marlboro Cigarettes - Americans' favorite cigarettes, they account for 40% of the market. No fewer Americans smoke, and Philip Morris, owned by Altria Group, is going to issue Swedish. It is kind of chew tobacco, packaged in small bags, which are placed in cheek. This organism receives a dose of nicotine, but smoke in the atmosphere is not being released. Testing of the product to be held in Texas in August.

The company expects the new product, consumers will find less harmful - while containing the same dose of nicotine fewer carcinogens. In addition bags can be used in the workplace and in restaurants and other public places where smoking is prohibited, such as becoming more.

Philip Morris Swedish position as a substitute of cigarettes. Backs have to maintain taste Marlboro Cigarettes with no harm to health.

Jet Set Holding candles and Marlboro Cigarettes dance floor again

Agency Jet Set Holding pr-design events in the 11-sound - and again will hold large-scale activities RED WAVE club-sponsored international project MARLBORO MXTRONICA. Shaw on promoting brand Marlboro Cigarettes, will be held on 16 November in Moscow, "Nagatinsky BTS."

The basic principle of the project Marlboro MXTRONICA - constant transformation and moving forward to the ideal future events, erasing borders and destroying stereotypes.
Marlboro MXTRONICA this year promises a nontrivial sound of the most innovative musicians global electronic scene. Video prokachayut: avant-garde dance culture legend John Acquaviva, a permanent resident of all the major European festivals, always conceals a face mask for Dr. Lektroluv and creator of his own style electro rock'n'rave Kissy Sell Out.

At the end of last year Marlboro MXTRONICA project received an award in the category of "Best club project at a ceremony awarding prizes in the club industry" Nightlife Awards "on February 9, 2007 in St. Petersburg, and on March 3, 2007 in Moscow.

Composition creative group:

Agency: LTD Jet Set Holding "
Client: OOO Philip Morris Seylz end Marketing "
Project: The organization of club shows MARLBORO MXTRONICA RED WAVE under the brand Marlboro Cigarettes

Valentino Company fined for 60 thousand Marlboro advertisement for the euro in France

The world famous brand of high fashion - the company Valentino circulating among other clothing brands Marlboro, fined for 60 thousand euros for illegal advertising of cigarettes in France.

In addition, the court ordered the company to pay 50 thousand Euro court costs. Complaints filed at the company's national committee to combat smoking, which is considered illegal coincidence clothing with the name brands Marlboro Cigarettes.

Clothing from Marlboro classics sold in France in 30 specialized stores, and even a few hundred outlets. The fight against smoking is in France on a national scale. From January 1, smoking is prohibited in all bars and cafes in the country.