BAR will not be advertised on the race car

In connection with a new anti-EU legislation BAR race "during the Grand Prix of Hungary" will act without the usual advertising "Lucky Strike" in the race car, the "Soviet sport"
From midnight on Sunday in Britain comes into force a new law that bans all printed and radio tobacco companies, as well as sponsorship of events. British BAR as a team under the new law could be punished with the publication in Britain images from the race, "Reuters reported."
"British American Tobacco (owner BAR) are aware of the British Government's recent actions against tobacco brands, and we have decided to participate in a race without advertising, in accordance with the Board of us," - said the report BAR.
Note that on Friday the team "McLaren" abandoned its long-term sponsor of the German cigarette brand "West".
"In addition to BAR in Formula-1" Three more teams have tobacco sponsors: "Jordan" sponsors "Gallaher", "Reno" - "Japan Tobacco", "Ferrari" - "Phillip Morris". Sponsor itself "Grand Prix of Hungary" supports "Phillip Morris" and its brand of "Marlboro".