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Looking for qualitative Marlboro cigarettes, perhaps you know that Marlboro brand has the oldest tradition and history among tobacco products – over one hundred years! Nowadays Marlboro is the most world-wide known successful cigarette brand made by Altria Group, Inc.

Marlboro brand embodies American lifestyle through the image mainly of an American hero – a rough man, a rugged cowboy who is a survivor and the winner in the world. Marlboro cigarettes unite real men whether they are prosperous businessmen, famous politicians, policemen, firefighters, construction workers or farmers. It is the matter of high quality and original style. Although, it doesn’t mean that Marlboro brand ignores women as their potential customers. It is known that initially Marlboro brand was intended for women only. And today in our masculine type of society it means that the propagated values of the winner and survivor by means of Marlboro brand are very attractive for the women as well.

Today Marlboro cigarettes, which are produced by Altria Group, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia, are known all over the world and are attributed to American lifestyle – free, independent and self-sufficient.

Marlboro cigarettes have the reputation as a full-flavored brand considered delicious by many smokers.

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Welcome to Megasmoker.Com, the site dedicated to Marlboro Cigarettes!