Ferrari still gives all lighter

New contract between Marlboro and Ferrari means that tobacco advertising will remain on the sides bolides even after its ban in Europe.
Ferrari sports director Jean Todt confirmed that Marlboro is planning to stay with Ferrari "for a long time". The previous contract between the team and tobaccers "was signed in 2001 and assumed co-operation by the end of 2006, will enter into force when EU laws restricting tobacco advertising. Now, it is possible that relations will continue and further.
In the broadest sense, the imposition of restrictions in the EU does not preclude partnerships and Ferrari Marlboro. Even if by 2006 FIFA World of F1 calendar does not undergo significant changes, which hardly, it is only half of the Grand Prix will be "nontobacco" (all of Europe, plus Japan and the United States, where advertising Marlboro in F1 banned for other reasons), the rest well suited to advertise cigarettes. In such a case can be mechanically reduce the amount of sponsorship injections, for example, half, and replenish the budget at the expense of "nontobacco" sponsors.
There are more elegant ways of continuing the partnership based, incidentally, on the circumvention of the law. First, under the law bans only be advertising company names and slogans associated with cigarettes. However, the corporate colors, like characters from the same advertising, it is safe to use, since no legislation can not ban them already if only because at the legislative level, not make a distinction between them and the simple set of colors and symbols. Thus, no one will be able to draw on Ferrari prohibit its bonnet bolides and the white overalls of the crew members without text boxes Marlboro, which has long replaced the red-and-white triangle, and it is clearly associated with missing a well-known brand name. What, by the way, the team and now enjoys Grand Prix Great Britain, France and the United States.
Marlboro Theoretically, the company could even write your full name to the race car, but it will have to prove, and it is possible that even in a court that the title does not apply to cigarettes, and applies to other categories of consumer goods, such as a men's perfume. If necessary, you can even put advertising on the label the word "perfume and (in this case), preferably measuring 5 centimeters х5 only to comply with the formalities. So versatile use of the trademark can boast, for example, the company Davidoff, which under one name produces cigarettes, coffee, and accessories are a list of items.
And it is possible that Marlboro par with a direct advertising activities will be closely mediation between the team and potential advertisers who honoured to be invited to such elite company Ferrari-Marlboro-Vodafone. By the way it is promoted Marlboro Parish Vodafone, composition "telephone" in the Scuderia.
As we can see, opportunities for continued cooperation between Ferrari Marlboro and even California, so that it is not surprising that the contract between them was extended. And by the way, all of the above is equally applicable to other tobacco companies represented in F1, so that "nontobacco" we can not quite see…