Marlboro Cigarettes

Marlboro is a brand of cigarettes made by Philip Morris USA (a subsidiary ALTRIA) in the United States, and Philip Morris International (now separate from ALTRIA) outside the United States. He is famous for its billboard and magazine advertisements for Marlboro man.

The brand is named after Great Marlborough Street, the place of its original London factory. Richmond, Virginia is currently the location of the largest Marlboro cigarette factory.

Philip Morris, a cigarette manufacturer in London, established in New York in 1902 to sell several of its subsidiary brands of cigarettes, including Marlboro. In 1924 they were advertising Marlboro as a woman's cigarette based on the slogan "Mild As May".

The brand was sold in this capacity until World War II when the brand weakened, and was temporarily removed from the market. At the end of the war, three brands emerged that would establish a firm hold on the cigarette market: Camel, Lucky Strike and Chesterfield. These stamps were delivered to American soldiers during the war, creating an instant market upon their return.

During the 1950 Reader's Digest magazine published a series of articles that linked smoking with lung cancer. Philip Morris and other companies, took a cigarette notice and each began to market filtered cigarettes. The new Marlboro with a filtered end was launched in 1955. In the early 1960's Philip Morris invented "Country Marlboro" and distilled their manly imagery in good cowboys known as the "Marlboro Men."
Marlboro, in the 2001-2002 study, the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, would lead to more smoking brand on 41.8% of secondary schools and 52.0% of secondary school students.

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